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Every season, a sport appears in Moscow, which all citizens begin to practice without exception. Until recently, yoga was popular, then Muscovites frantically ran around the city with tracker bracelets. The new black for healthy lifestyles is a trampoline. Life around went to the trampoline centers "On a trampoline" and talked with those who go there.


Mikhail Loskutov



Experience: About a year

I have been fond of skiing for a long time. That year, my friends advised me to look like a trampoline to feel how the body behaves in zero gravity. For many, this sport works well as an injury prevention. On a trampoline, you feel like you are flying, and you learn to control your body.


Works on television

Experience: Three months

I always looked for an extreme sport that would suit me. In March I decided to try a trampoline. This is much cooler than usual fitness: all muscle groups are involved in exercises at once. Classes help keep the body in shape, and on snowboarding and skiing you begin to feel more confident.



Experience: 1.5 years

I love extreme sports, especially blackboards. A snowboard brought me to the trampoline 1.5 years ago: it’s convenient to practice tricks here. Then I took up wakeboarding and surfing, and I abandoned the trampoline. Not so long ago I remembered about him and decided to study again. As a result, I liked the trampoline on its own, not only as preparation for tricks. It’s great to jump: you feel control over your body, there is a feeling of flying. And you progress quickly.


Bank employee

Experience: Three months

I ride a kite. It is clear that I always have decent breaks between skating. In order not to lose shape, I decided to go for a trampoline. I hope that this will help me get used to the board and quickly master the tricks. On a trampoline generally very good aerobic loads. You feel right away how the blood runs through your veins - what you need if you work in an office. At the same time, the load on the muscles is uniform, so after classes nothing hurts.


Office Manager

Experience: Two months

Friends called me to the trampoline for company, but I got involved and continued walking myself. I like how muscles develop after exercise: the stomach, legs, and the entire lower body are trained. Classes are different from regular training in the gym, it is much more fun here.



Experience: Three weeks

Five lessons ago my friends called me here. They said that good aerobic exercise. I liked it and I continued to walk. Before that, I was engaged only in the gym. I like it very much on the trampoline, the sensations are similar to those that you experience skiing: you feel like you are soaring. The most important thing is to get rid of fear in the head. After a day's work, it really helps to turn off the brain.


Deputy Chairman of the Board

Once my friends suggested that I go with them to the trampoline center and have fun. I said: "Okay, I'm going with you for the company." As a result, I liked it wildly, and I decided to study. Regularly, I began to walk about two months ago. Everything is great here: firstly, it is fun, and secondly, it is a very good cardio load on the body, while it is not as monotonous as on a bicycle path or while running. In addition, the trampoline includes acrobatics. This is a great opportunity to overcome fear, get your dose of adrenaline.

Watch the video: Dong Dong Wins Trampoline Gold. London 2012 Olympics (February 2020).

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