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Your package: 5 Russian subscription services for goods

"Just Razor Club"

Vladimir MOKHTE, founder:

There are four major players in the wet shaving market: Gillette, Bic, Dorco and Schick. The price policy of the most promoted of them, Gillette, is that the machine is inexpensive, but each time you have to pay more for replaceable cartridges.

In January 2013, the idea arose to conclude with Dorco, where I work, a contract for the supply of machine tools and blades no brand for a new service. So "Just Razor Club" appeared. We sell the same Dorco razors made in South Korea, but much cheaper - due to the fact that they have no brand.

A two-month subscription to our most expensive kit will cost 380 rubles. For this money, the courier will deliver a machine and four replaceable cartridges to your home (a man who shaves every other day needs to change the cartridge twice a month). Buying blades of similar quality Gillette Fusion will cost about 600 rubles.

We plan to advance due to social networks and SEO-optimization of the site. Unfortunately, while the Russian buyer is reluctant to trust companies without a big name. Although I personally believe that the future is no brand.

The project was launched in mid-June. Today we have 300 regular subscribers and another 100 people who have issued a one-time subscription to test the product. Our plans are to send SMS reminders to our community members every two weeks: "Dear Igor, your cartridge is probably dull, replace it, or you run the risk of going to work with a swollen face."


from 150 to 190 rubles
per month

The team and I spent four months on the launch of the project and invested more than 500,000 rubles from our own funds. The plans include delivery, along with machines, bonuses from our advertising partners. These will be samples for shaving products.

The team and I spent four months on the launch of the project and invested more than 500,000 rubles from our own funds. On October 1, the selection of projects for the accelerator of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund was completed. According to its results
50 projects, including Just Club Shavers, will receive investments in the amount of one million rubles, mentor support and premises. Each company has a goal. If it is achieved in three months, investment will continue. According to the terms of our agreement with IIDF during the program, we must increase the number of active participants in our Club several times (under the terms of the agreement, the KPI value is not subject to disclosure. - Note H&F).

So far, the only way to monetize a project is to sign up for razors. The plans include delivery, along with machines, bonuses from our advertising partners. These will be samples of the goods necessary for shaving: gels, foams, lotions.

According to the business plan, we will achieve self-sufficiency in six months, and profit - in 10-12 months. After the New Year, we plan to add women's razors. In the next round of investing, add gels, shaving foams are also no brand.

Subscription involves high customer loyalty, that is, you can not be afraid of the seasonality of demand. This means that revenue and sales growth can be easily predicted. 90% of customers who subscribe to our razors renew it.

"Pet without hassle"

Alexey ALEXANDROV, Founder

I am the owner of a Chihuahua puppy. Due to the busy work schedule, I did not always have time, and sometimes I forgot, to buy food for my pet. My dog ​​eats the same food. In the "Crossroads" or "Auchan" it is not for sale. It is only in a specialized store, and it is often too lazy to go there or there is no time. The understanding that I’m not the only one who faces this problem has pushed me to create a service "Pet without hassle." I put together a team of like-minded people, and at the end of this spring we started. 60,000 rubles was enough to create a site and purchase the first batch of feed.

To begin with, we tested the idea on friends. We watched how often they would order food. We started with a fixed delivery once a month, but realized that such a rigid framework is not suitable for everyone. Even with the same customer, the frequency of the order is not always the same. This forced us to make a special calculator on the site, which, taking into account all the data, will calculate how often you need to buy food. Now this technology is being polished. Ideally, we want to get a tool that will allow us to send subscribers reminders just at the time when the feed is about to end.


from 1,000 rubles
per month
+ shipping

We rely on the fact that online sellers have an understanding: feed is a product that animal owners need constantly. Every month a person is forced to buy it. The question is, will he do it in your store
or go to another

While we are not working directly with feed suppliers: there are not so many orders. We agreed with several large pet stores. They sell us part of their product at a price slightly higher than the purchase price.

Delivery so far is carried out only within the MKAD. The fixed price is 150 rubles. We ourselves deliver the feed to our subscribers. We want to personally ask everyone what they like and what not. We have 27 regular customers. About 50 more monthly make trial orders, come and go.

You can continue to develop this project, or you can optimize the subscription process, set up a calculator and sell this service to large online stores as a finished product. We rely on the fact that online sellers have an understanding: feed is a product that animal owners need constantly. Every month a person is forced to buy it. The question is whether he will do it in your store or go to another. Subscription allows you to keep the customer. We can provide a service that will help to establish long-term relationships with customers.

"Two palms"

Natalia REVYAKINA, Founder:

“Two hands” is a box with educational materials for children that comes to your home every month. We with like-minded people were inspired to create the project by a similar subscription service in America - BabbaBox. We adapted the box to Russian realities and in September 2012 we sent the product to the first subscribers. Investments in the project since its launch amounted to one million rubles. Each box “Two hands” presents four areas: study (methodological, developmental material), read (book), create (three projects that the child must do with his own hands) and play. Each month, the box has its own theme. In October there were dinosaurs, before that - sports and insects.

The things that we send to our subscribers, you can’t just go and buy in the store. For the very first box, we came up with such a thing as an ocean of jelly. We bought jelly, semolina, shells, small figures of marine inhabitants, a special container, put it in boxes, attached instructions on how to make a toy ocean, and sent it to the children.


1 399 rubles per month

For each box, a manual is written, which psychologists write. You can just get a deck of cards
with fish - and then what? Our instruction offers about six development games

For each box, taking into account the material presented in it, a training manual is written, which our psychologists write. You can just get a deck of cards with fish - and then what? The instruction offers about six educational games. In principle, these are well-known techniques. But you need to spend a lot of time to find them. Subscription commerce in our case works, because for you everything has been assembled and delivered the product "turnkey".

At the moment, the main problem for us is the lack of a payment system that would allow us to withdraw from the subscriber not the entire amount for the subscription immediately, but equal shares every month. Agree, there is a difference: pay 4,000 rubles for three months or pay 1 399 rubles every month.

In 2013, we plan to sell 2,000 boxes. While the project is monetized only by subscription. In the future, we could become a good channel for toy suppliers and book publishers. This month we received an investment of one million rubles from the IIDF. In the next three months we will work with a mentor - Yegor Rudi.


Nikolay POTYLITSYN, Founder:

I often visit friends in America. Once I saw a box of BirchBox with samples of cosmetics. I immediately realized that the idea could be in demand in Russia. Upon returning home, I quit the bank, found a partner who invested $ 200,000 in the project, and while the programmers made the GlamBox website, he began negotiations with brand managers of the largest cosmetic distributors. The hardest thing was to persuade them to give me promotional materials for free. A small bottle of perfume on the way from Europe to Russia rises in price from 1 to 5 euros. To give even a few hundred, still not clearly understanding what the return will be, is a dubious enterprise. Over time, I realized how to persuade brand managers to meet on the phone: you need to call quickly, in one go, talk about the project and, without giving the other person time to come to their senses and ask questions, make an appointment.

It was important to conclude a contract with one distributor. The rest began to pull themselves up as soon as they found out what the competitors were doing. Some managers, mostly young girls who are interested in everything that happens in the field of cosmetics abroad, knew about the existence of similar boxed services, it was easier to negotiate with them.

A year after the launch, our business went neither shaky nor roll. 3,000 boxes per month did not even allow breaking even. In August 2012, friends from Condé Nast told me that the Allure beauty magazine was launched in Russia. I understood how mutually beneficial our cooperation could be: by then we had formed a certain audience around us, which a new publication needed. They, in turn, could provide us with free advertising. In February 2013, our boxes changed their design and were first announced as Allure sample society boxes. After that, many brands interested in free glossy advertising came to us.


599 rubles
per month

The standard set consists of six miniatures: a product for hands, face, body, hair, makeup and fragrance. So brand products do not compete among themselves in one box

After receiving probes in cosmetic networks, 7-10% of customers make a purchase. Moreover, more than 20% of sample recipients in the box buy tried and tested cosmetics. We know this thanks to discount coupons with special barcodes that we apply to a particular product. So brands see a return on the project.

We now have 8,000 regular subscribers to the standard Allure sample society boxes. In addition, every month we issue limited editions: ManBox for men, SlimBox for weight loss, TravelBox for trips, Greenbox eco-cosmetics, once every three months we present single-brand boxes. As a result, about 10,000 boxes a month come out.

The standard set always consists of six miniatures: aroma, means for hands, face, body, hair, decorative cosmetics. So products of different brands do not compete with each other in the same box. We work only with samples of luxury cosmetics (the price for a product is on average above 1,200 rubles). Mass production brands are actively trying to establish relations with us, but so far it is not my plan to invest their products in GlamBox.

In April 2013, after a year and nine months, we recouped the investment and reached profit. Already now I can say in advance what will be in my boxes in 2014. Companies for the year put in their budget a separate line item for sample costs for GlamBox. 10 people are now working with me on the project. However, I am alone in negotiations with all 96 brands that we have represented. I cannot trust this to anyone.

"Local food"

Anastasia Kolesnikova, Founder:

At the end of 2012, my friends and I wanted to make the festival "Local Food" for local producers - something like a bride twice a year. Even then, we began to look for sponsors and partners for this project. The idea with the festival remained an idea. But our ties with local producers have grown into a project for subscribing to the box "Local Food". We differ from the farm basket by subscription "LavkaLavka" in that our client never knows in advance what will be in the box. From the 1st to the 20th day of each month we accept applications, and in the next week we deliver boxes. For manufacturers, this is a great promo.

Each box contains eight products from different suppliers. We do not put foreign products in the box and try not to repeat ourselves.


2 500 rubles
per month

Checks all components of the box
sanitary service. Participation in our project is free for suppliers,
Moreover, to our manufacturers
we give money for products

All components of the box are checked by the sanitary service. In addition to the quality of the product, packaging is very important to us. Participation in our project is free for suppliers. Moreover, we give money to our manufacturers for products (at least their cost).

At the moment we have about 50 regular subscribers, one box costs 2,500 rubles. To reach a new level of income, we need to reorient ourselves to corporate orders, since an increase in private subscribers proportionally increases the cost of logistics.

Text: Regina Ader

Cover photo: Fotobank / Getty Images

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