Appearance: George Kostava, co-owner of Fortune Communications

Every week, the editorial board asks one of the Muscovites' acquaintances to take pictures on the street and tell them what kind of brands he is wearing, where he bought them and where he usually prefers to buy clothes. This week - George Kostava, co-owner of Fortune Communications, whom Life around photographed near his own office.




In georgia: Sartori coat, Lardini jacket and brooch, Rolex watches, Paul Smith boots



Sartori Coat

It was bought in Moscow, in my favorite Finamore store on Malaya Bronnaya 16. For all the classic things: trousers, jackets and shirts - for the last couple of years I have been going exclusively there. This is not even a store, but a kind of gentlemen's club. You can go there even when you do not need anything - just chat with nice people. There is something that, in principle, is not found anywhere in Moscow, and even if brands are presented in other stores, the selection will be completely different.

Jacket Lardini

At one time, Lardini themselves sewed me in Italy.

Brooch flower Lardini

In one of the Lardini collections, they made these flowers and completed all the costumes with them. At some point, we worked with them and, taking the opportunity, gathered these flowers of different colors. There were a lot of them, people bought a classic suit and said: "Only take off this thing, please."


A simple turtleneck from TSUM.

Rolex Watches

Classic. My beloved, I periodically try to change them, but somehow it does not happen. I have a few Timex and Casio watches, but they are at home for beauty. When I don’t feel heaviness on my arm, I immediately feel that I have lost something.

Boots Paul Smith

They were bought in Paris a year ago quite by accident. I love suede shoes, but in Moscow in the summer you don’t look like it because it’s hot, and in winter because it is a maximum for a day. It’s like a down vest - a thing not adapted to our climate.


I buy classic things at Finamore, and when I need jeans or something simple, I go to the Central Department Store. With shops - as with a hairdresser: you choose people who understand what you need. And I don’t particularly like to go shopping for a long time: I ran in my time when I worked as a stylist. In Moscow and abroad I buy clothes approximately equally. Abroad - it’s more like some limited sneakers and something that is not in Moscow.

Photos: Ksenia Kolesnikova

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