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How are supermarkets, sewers and chewing gum

Last year, Life around visited several industries to learn how to do the things that surround us in everyday life. Our correspondents also looked into that part of the usual places - a shopping center, supermarket, hotel - which is usually hidden from the eyes of visitors. We collected the most interesting stories about how everything works.

How a supermarket works

In the supermarket chain "I am favorite" we were told about how they are looking for a place to open a new store, how the products fall on the shelves and what is markdown. We also learned about the basic rules for the location of products in the store and other subtleties - proper lighting and aromatic marketing.

Who prepares Moscow for the holidays and how

A report about who comes up with art objects on the streets of Moscow, who produces it and under what conditions and how much it all costs. Irina Sukhotina, a member of the Moscow Seasons organizing committee, told Life around that the main point of fairs is to surprise and delight. In her opinion, Moscow festivals are a lightweight version of old fairs, where fire-eaters, dwarfs and bearded women were brought.

How is the sewage system in Moscow

Material from the Kuryanovsky treatment facilities that serve the southern part of the city. At the sewage treatment plants, Life around learned about all the stages of the water trip - from the moment the drain barrel in a particular apartment was lowered to the river in Moscow. The process was not easy: sewage passes through five stages of treatment, and sometimes they find a lot of interesting things.

How well-known public places work on VKontakte

By the decade, VKontakte had collected stories of the emergence of popular publics - MDK, Dead Dynasty, The Suffering Middle Ages, Motherland, Russia Without Us, Target: 1 billion rubles per year. Their owners talked about where they started, how they monetized and what kind of profit their social network projects are bringing now.

How to make instant noodles

Life around visited the Big Bon factory near Moscow and looked at the process of making noodles in bags. We got the answer to the question that tormented us for a long time - why the noodles are wavy. They also learned how they come up with new tastes, how they check the quality of freshly prepared briquettes at the plant and how harmful this is.

How to sew lingerie

Photo story and the story from the factory of the company "Wild Orchid", where they sew panties and bras. Production employees told how a new collection is being developed, how patterns are made and why experimental designs are sewn: it turns out that to launch the main batch, brand partners wear clothes for several days and check how comfortable they are.

How to make chewing gum

Report from the factory in the Novgorod region, where they make chewing gum Dirol and Stimorol. The Life around correspondent figured out what components are needed to get a soft and lasting pillow, how chewing gum with a liquid center is made and what tastes are preferred in Russia, Europe and Africa.

cover: Ivan Anisimov

Watch the video: I fell from the highest point in the game! (January 2020).

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