Winter Sales Guide: 11 stores

The end of January is the ideal time to buy all the necessary things at a price two or even three times lower than the original. The main thing is to decide in advance what exactly you want to buy, since almost always after the discounts, unnecessary things turn out at home. Life around went shopping in St. Petersburg to find out where it is now more profitable to shop.



The second wave of discounts is coming to DLT. At half price, the remains of past collections of Marni, Celine and Stella McCartney are sold. You can find something according to the weather: Canada Goose down jackets, Sandro and Marc by Marc Jacobs coats, Acne and Chloe warm sweaters. Fans of buying shoes for the future should hurry: YSL and Gianvitto Rossi boats, some models of Manolo Blahnik and Charlotte Olympia are now half as much. In addition, there are still quite a few sizes.

B. Konyushennaya street, 21-23, letter a
8 (812) 648-08-48



The store has discounts on both men's and women's items. 30% on Fidelity and Barbour, 40% on Nivit winter jackets, 20% on coats and dresses made of natural wool Sophia Zharova. The complexities of Asian brands were halved. And for those who are already preparing for the warm season, a permanent sale with a 70% discount on past summer collections will be relevant.

"Luuk Design Market",
Nab. Griboedov Canal, 74
7 (812) 939-60-51



Until the end of January, Kixbox sells things for two-thirds of the price. It is worth going for the classic warm Penfield, Ontour and Stussy jackets, as well as seasonal items. A Penfield men's sweater will cost about 4,000 rubles, and a Fred Perry women's cardigan - 5,500.

Ligovsky pr., 30a
+7 (812) 676-38-35

Troitsky design space


In the space "Troitsky", which took the baton of the show room "Culture", the discounts are not very significant. Things of some domestic designers can be purchased at 20% cheaper than usual. Noteworthy are Diana Bogdanova scarves, some things of the Anyavanya brand, glasses in a Woodster wooden frame. Panthea iPad cases made of genuine python leather now cost 2,990 rubles.

Nevsky pr., 48, TD "Passage"
8 (812) 988-88-34



Almost all things in the store are subject to discounts of 20 to 50%. Seasonal sales are in full swing. Stop by at least for the sake of a warm parka and sweatshirt, so that during the February frosts you’ll be fully equipped.

Liteiny pr., 57



The store announced a final sale of up to 40%. The Spiewak collection is subject to 30% and 40% discounts. In addition to parkas and jackets, you should pay attention to tight Fidelity shirts (-30%), jeans and Cheap Monday shirts (-40%). Eastpak backpacks, which are useful in any season, have reduced the price by 20%.

St. Mira, 6
+7 (812) 992-09-21



Items currently on sale are marked with red tags. This greatly simplifies their search, as they are not separated from the main assortment. Despite attractive prices, finding interesting things and at least slightly familiar brands is not at all easy. But probably.

St. Malaya Sadovaya, 2
8 (812) 315-37-81

Babochka Nevsky 152Concept store


A concept store with things Celine, Saint Laurent, Chloé, Stella McCartney, Jimmy Choo opened not so long ago, but there are a lot of positions on the mandatory seasonal sale. It is possible to buy items from past collections at a 50% discount. In addition to the sale on Nevsky 152, the sale for fall-winter 2012 continues in the boutiques Babochka (36 Nevsky Ave.) and Babochka Gallery (153 Nevsky Ave)

Nevsky pr., 152
8 (812) 717-37-77



At Banya Concept Store, the size of the discount generally does not exceed 30%. It applies to brands Leonid Alexeev, Katerina Levina, Native and Sneaky Steve. Jeans Dr. Denim can be found at half price, while the colorful things of Makin Jan Ma can be found at all for a third of the initial cost.

Bypass channel, 60
Creative space "weavers"
+7 (812) 457-19-48 



While in most stores, sales are already ending, in the 8-store in Taiga they have just begun. So far they are offering a 20% discount on the Anastasya Kizilova men's collection, 10% on some T-shirts and 10 to 70% on single items.

Space "Taiga",
Palace Embankment 20
+7 (921) 344-23-52 ,
+7 (981) 741-18-80



The little-known store on Zhukovsky was the secret place of many urban fashionistas. Which did not save him from closing. In this regard, until February 1, 60-70% discounts apply to all things Acne, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Edun, Proenza Schouler.

St. Zhukovsky, 10
8 (812) 400-20-36

Watch the video: DON'T be a Tourist, Shop like a Local. Shopping in Seoul (January 2020).

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