People in the city: Last Sunday train Petersburg - Moscow

From Sunday to Monday, trains leave for Moscow from Moscow station in St. Petersburg every few minutes, half of them extra due to the large number of passengers. At about 01:20, the most lyrical time begins: those who are far from a tourist in St. Petersburg, who tomorrow from the train arriving at 10 in the morning, must go immediately to work in one of the Moscow offices. These are Moscow-Petersburg, Petersburg-Moscow or those who say "I live in two cities." At 02:20 the last train will leave, in the morning the time will come for the first Sapsan, where everything will already be businesslike. Life around conducted passengers of the last flights to the capital and asked them why they were traveling, how they relate to life between cities and why it is better to overcome this path at night.


27 years


"I myself am from St. Petersburg, but I have been living and working in Moscow for four years now. I come back here every month to my parents and friends. This is such a short vacation, a way to spend the weekend. But for me today is Moscow, not Peter. But to leave from there and I don’t feel like it from here. It’s always sad. It’s as if you are leaving your home. Despite the fact that you’re going to your own home, you’re going for a while.


28 years

member of The Dreamers United community

“I live in St. Petersburg, and go to Moscow for work. Once a week I wind up and down. Many Muscovites move to St. Petersburg to live, but work in the capital. Many Petersburgers live here, but they go to work in Moscow. But here it is not a matter of romance or road. The whole reason is that there is money, but not here. At some point, there comes an understanding that there is nowhere to grow here, and you don’t always want to move to the West or Moscow. Therefore, people remain here - in a city where it is more pleasant to live, and go to work there - to a city where you can realize yourself.

I like the feeling of a way when you live in two cities. In German, there is a term that is not found anywhere else. Fernweh - which literally translates as "longing for the road." He describes very well how I feel. Inner melancholy arising if you sit in one place for a long time. And the rest of life, it is already automatically built from this.

The section between Moscow and St. Petersburg is more a technical, forced history. But, nevertheless, this is also a piece of romance. It's cool to fall asleep at this metro station and wake up at another. I just don’t perceive it as a train ride. Just one big city and one very long metro line, that's all. "



21 years

law student at Moscow State Law Academy

"I live in three cities. Moscow, Peter and Bugulma in Tatarstan. In Moscow I now live and work, in St. Petersburg I relax and meet regularly with friends, and in Bugulma I was born and raised, my mother lives there and my house is there.

Despite the fact that I do not go to St. Petersburg and Tatarstan more than once a month, I can say that I live in three cities at once. People who move between several cities have nowhere to live. In each of these cities I have a place to live, a place to stay, there are people who are glad to see me and are always waiting for me. Petersburg is kinder than Moscow. People are nicer, tourists are more beautiful, and this makes a different mood. But I would still like to live in Moscow. It is more, and, therefore, more opportunities. Peter is a sweet province compared to her. "



31 years

Smart Home Specialist

“I’m from St. Petersburg, but the company has a project in Moscow. For the past six months I have been moving between them every week and, to be honest, I’m already tired. The days off at these trips are getting shorter, but here I have a family, here a child is waiting for me, who sees only dad two days a week. At first it was not a burden, but now I’m really tired and I’m waiting for the end of the project.

Sometimes I traveled to Moscow before, but did not linger. I always wanted to know her better. Then it seemed to me gloomy and criminal, perhaps this is due to the fact that there was such a time. Now that I’ve taken a closer look, I think it has become more cultural and civilized. More like Petersburg, and maybe already overtook him in something. And in many ways, I think this could happen, because many Petersburgers go there to work and bring something of their own to the city. Like foreigners who have been visiting our country more recently. They also contribute their culture in some way.

But native Moscow for these six months did not become for me. And, despite the fatigue from such a life, there is some kind of romance in it. Something nice about feeling like falling asleep here and waking up there, and vice versa. "



36 years

PR manager

“I’ve been living in Moscow for 8 years and go to St. Petersburg once a month, because here I have parents, friends, a summer house and my favorite city. It all started when I fell in love and went with my husband to live in the capital. Now I’m thinking about in order to settle down somewhere and not rush back and forth, but in general I love traveling and therefore it’s not such a difficult life. The road from St. Petersburg to Moscow is also a journey, a change of scenery, packing your bags, a trip, travel time.

Although, in fact, for me, Peter and Moscow are not too different, because I'm not going to this city, but going to the country. I have it unique, my favorite place. And in Moscow, I prefer to leave the city for the weekend, because I don’t like the city as such. Neither this nor that, in principle, a city. I have a free profession, it turns out not to depend on urban conventions in my free time either in St. Petersburg or in Moscow, so cities do not cause trouble. I don’t care where to be, I don’t feel either the sluggishness of St. Petersburg or the speed of Moscow.

Today, Moscow has become too eventful for me. Campaigns, meetings, affairs that arise from the air. There is a feeling that my life is passing too quickly. Of course, I do not like this, and, perhaps, to slow it down, I am leaving Moscow. I’m probably starting to think about moving to St. Petersburg. "



23 years

tattoo master

“I’m going to where there are orders. But basically it turns out to be Peter and Moscow. Veliky Novgorod could still be, but so far they don’t have enough money to order me. It all depends on the customers. If at least ten people are recruited, I pack my bags and I’ve been doing weekly tours here and there, and so, probably, for about five years now.

I am a Muscovite. But I have a few fun years with Peter. Now I live in two cities. And this is not the same as going on regular business trips. Because there are a huge number of people and friends who are waiting for me in both cities. I could call both cities my home. And this is not tied to a specific space, to the walls of houses and other similar nonsense. In Moscow I rent a house, in St. Petersburg I live with friends. But the house, after all, is the place where you feel comfortable, where there are people who are waiting. I am comfortable here and there, and I can’t call one city my home. No matter how arrogant and arrogant it may sound, but I am a man of the world.

I was born and raised in Moscow and now I live there more, but my native Peter. His trashy atmosphere is close to me. Here are such "feng shui" creepy communal apartments. And every time I come here, I specifically choose these places to stay. In Moscow, on the contrary, everything is very cozy and comfortable. But I like her rhythm. Parties, meetings, courses - everything is fast and extremely active. And you come back to Peter to have a rest. For the sake of the atmosphere. It is a depressive city, and it is often inspiring.

And the road is at 8 o’clock, it is both simple and complex. It would seem that he lay down here, but woke up there. But sometimes snoring and, surprisingly, the smell of Rollton and sausages are very annoying on night flights. Night, you have to sleep. But no: people board the train after midnight and start eating and smelling their late supper (early breakfast) on the whole carriage. "



19 years

student of the Russian State Social University
Faculty of Adaptive Physical Culture and Sports

“I’m from Moscow myself, but for two years now I’ve regularly come to Petersburg to my beloved girl. He hasn’t become a family for me yet, but he has become more familiar, more understandable. People distinguish him from Moscow. They are much kinder here. They are polite and courteous. They can help, they can hold the door in the metro. You won’t see this in the capital. These are trifles, many different trifles that for me personally strongly distinguish Petersburg from Moscow. As a person who grew up in Moscow, I can say that it’s much more pleasant and comfortable here you’re feeling, I’d live here, because Moscow is due to fussiness and people seems like an aggressive and evil city. "



23 years

TV reporter

“I moved from here to Moscow a year ago. I wanted to work on television, and there are more perspectives. I relate calmly to all movements and trips, because there is a favorite job there, and here is home and relatives. Such a life does not burden. I’d be three, and lived in four cities. I like it. The rhythm and pace of the city, which everyone likes to talk about, does not burden me, although the difference is noticeable. In the St. Petersburg metro, people are moving more slowly, more and more slowly.

For a year Moscow has not become my hometown yet. But I love her. If I were offered the same position now, but in St. Petersburg, I would have thought. Moscow is a drug city. I'm happy there. I have long wanted to move there. It was a childhood dream, and it came true. "



29 years


"I live and work in Moscow, but for four years now I have been regularly coming here to friends. Unlike my native Moscow, Peter is comfortable. But I do not come here for atmosphere or change, but for communication and personal interests. Peter is not It’s measured. Not cultural. It’s just different. It’s different. And initially younger. From the point of view of architecture, a crazy “mismatch” of a bunch of styles. Crazy porches that are either cool or ugly. I’ve been accustomed from childhood that the strangest porches are called front doors.

But, having traveled between these cities, I realized that both Moscow and St. Petersburg were equally spoiled. And their visiting people spoiled. Those who come here to work are strangers. They bring diversity that changes the city for the worse. And if we talk about tourists from abroad, then they never behave culturally in Russia and, therefore, do not enrich it. They basically do not give a shit about Russia, they spit on everything than we can all. A beautiful city where you can come, take pictures and stupidly spend money.

The road from Moscow to Petersburg is joy through fatigue. I work hard and want to sleep, but the anticipation of a fun weekend, of course, makes me happy. And the way back is even more tired and looking forward to work. I am returning to Moscow without enthusiasm. I would stay here because I was born and raised in Moscow and I already know her. And for Peter I am a stranger - here it is more interesting. The city has not become boring and there is something to see, what to learn. "



23 years

jewelry chain director

“For the past six months I have been working in St. Petersburg or in Moscow. Moving is not particularly burdensome, or I just don’t notice them. Because I like my work very much. But if I added another“ Peregrine Falcon ”- everything would be perfect. Maybe I I just haven’t gotten tired of such a rhythm of life. Maybe the thing is that I go no more than once a month. But there, it happens, I spend weeks. It's fun in my own way.

It seemed to me that Muscovites would be more rude. It turned out differently. People there are more open than in St. Petersburg. More European attitude. They are ready to help. More relaxed and open. But this is a city for work. Not for life. Business center. I would like to see more money flowing to St. Petersburg, it will receive financing and more active infrastructure, and that the city will become more European. So that people do not go to Moscow to work. I think it’s possible, and I hope this will happen in the near future. "

Photos: Dima Tsyrenshchikov

Watch the video: St Petersburg Russia 4K. Second Best City in Russia! (January 2020).

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