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12 winter exhibitions in Moscow

Life around traditionally makes plans for the coming season. We have already talked about important Moscow concerts and new series, ahead are lists of new movie distribution, recent albums, books and video games. Today we will talk about winter exhibitions, for the sake of which it makes sense to leave home.

Text: Sergey Babkin

"Roma Aeterna. Masterpieces of the Vatican Pinakothek. Bellini, Rafael, Caravaggio"

Where: Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane

When: until December 14

The Tretyakov Gallery armed itself with collaboration with the Vatican Museums to show Muscovites even more classical painting. The townspeople who defended their "Raphael" in Pushkinsky got a chance to stand in line on the other side of the Moskva River to see the same Raphael, as well as Caravaggio, Guido Reni and Poussin.

"u / n multitude. Orchestras"

Solyanka VPA already hosts an exhibition "u / n multitude. Orchestras", which was organized by the pop / off / art gallery together with curators Boris Klyushnikov and Natalya Tsoi. This is a tightly tailored retrospective of the u / n multitude group, the name of which refers to one of the central concepts of political philosophy by Antonio Negri. Band members almost always pick up musical instruments to do semi-absurd performances, saturated with various quotes from the cultural heritage of mankind (from the Old Testament through medieval booths to modern historical revisionism) and as a result get a political statement so ironic that it’s finally creepy.

Where: Solyanka VPA

When: until December 14

"House of impressions. Walk with a troubadour"

The curator Olga Shishko continues to explore the space of the Golitsyn estate, which the Pushkin Museum received from the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Pushkin Museum will continue to show media art visitors, this time focusing not on video, but on sound. In the historical halls of the estate, where baroque wall paintings are combined with frankly scoop stairwells, the works of artists already included in the history of art, such as Jonas Mekas and Vito Acconci, as well as the works of our distinguished contemporaries, such as the Icelander Ragnar Kyartansson, the German Julian Rozefeldt and the Russians Alimpieva.

Where: The Pushkin Museum. A.S. Pushkin (Golitsyn estate)

When: until March 31

"Voices of the imaginary museum Andre Malraux"

Pushkin President Irina Antonova acted as curator of the exhibition, covering the history of fine art from antiquity to modernism, where the main task of the audience will be to understand the method by which the exposition is built. The “Imaginary Museum” is the concept of the French art critic Andre Malraux, who dreamed of compiling a universal archive of human heritage from photographs of works of art. In Pushkinsky they will display originals, not reproductions, but in accordance with the idea of ​​Malraux about the total interconnection of all world art. And it is precisely the search for rhymes between seemingly unrelated images that will be offered to the viewer.

Where: The Pushkin Museum. A.S. Pushkin

When: December 1 - February 12

"Irina Nakhova. Glance"

The Pushkin Museum again gives the main building into the hands of an important figure for contemporary Russian art, this time - Irina Nakhova. Last year, she represented Russia at the Venice Biennale, she is considered an outstanding painter and video artist and also one of the inventors of the genre of total installation. It is on the border between video and painting (can we talk about it at all?) Nakhova will create a series of works for the Pushkin Museum. Her video installations will resonate with the works of European painting from the collection of Pushkinsky (Rembrandt, van Dyck, Chardin and others) and explore the viewer's view of the picture on the example of different historical styles and genres.

Where: The Pushkin Museum. A.S. Pushkin

When: December 9 - February 5

"Young Pioneers"

Where: CIT "Factory"

When: December 14 - January 10

An exhibition of Yulia Zhdanova's “Young Pioneers” is opened at the Central Industrial Design Institute, in which the artist, with the help of sculptures made in the academic form, but with an admixture of the sculptures of those same pioneers, conceptualizes nostalgia for her childhood in the USSR, in which her sincere faith in communist ideology was confronted with the experiences of the transition period.

"World - Theater. Architecture and Scenography in Russia"

The Shchusev Museum of Architecture and the Bakhrushin Theater Museum have teamed up to talk about the development of theater architecture in our country. Theaters themselves are much more ancient than museums, and in many ways they are the ones in the architectural form that express the values ​​that dominate society. Therefore, it is interesting to consider how theaters in Russia have changed: projections of power in Baroque and Classicism, witnesses of decadence in the Art Nouveau style, locomotives of social changes in the forefront and the expression of the late Soviet society, which was confused for its purposes and values.

Where: Museum of Architecture Schuseva

When: December 22 - March 19

"Ukrainian shows"

In artist-run-space, the Krasny Center Yuri Yurkin will take a break from the duties of the curator of the Cooking Department to recreate the studio of the TV show Talk Ukraine, one of the most popular talk shows in a neighboring country. Judging by the show’s YouTube channel, its themes cover the spectrum from “dead boy on the couch” to “gas chamber in a rented apartment”. The exhibition visitor is invited to feel what it means to be on the set, during which the hellish depths of human evil are revealed. As part of the exhibition, a Ukrainian language school will be organized for watching shows in Russia. Together with students, the artist will analyze the most striking Ukrainian shows in Ukrainian.

Where: Center "Red"

When: January 16-29

"Towards the source"

The Garage Museum of Modern Art not only organizes hit exhibitions by famous artists, but also conducts scientific activities, which from time to time translates into modest, but no less interesting exhibitions.
In "Towards the Source" the museum is experimenting with its archive, which contains documents and evidence of events in Russian art from the 1950s to the present. Five artists of different generations offered to work with different parts of the archive to understand how the collective history of art is formed from subjective collections and why the evidence of those times is important now. Vyacheslav Kuritsyn, Vladimir Logutov, Andrey Monastyrsky, Kirill Savchenkov and Olga Chernysheva participate in the exhibition.

Where: Museum of Modern Art "Garage"

When: February 1 - April 16

"Eduard Steinberg. If water lives in a well ..."

A retrospective of an abstract artist will open at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Gogolevsky Boulevard, timed to coincide with the 80th birthday of Eduard Steinberg. He is called a follower of Malevich, but Natalya Smolyanskaya, curator of the exhibition, emphasizes that Steinberg’s works cannot be fully called suprematist because of the deep religious and spiritual grounds for the artist’s work. The central concept of retrospective will be the concept of "soil science", that is, the need for a close connection of the artist with the history and everyday life of the country.

Where: Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Gogolevsky Boulevard

When: February 6 - March 19

Where: Gallery "Triumph"

When: February 10 - March 5

The Triumph Gallery continues a series of Extension exhibitions, in which Russian viewers are introduced to the contemporary art of countries located on the periphery of the art world, but at the same time historically connected in one way or another with Russia. After Romania, Iran and Estonia, Triumph turned to modern Finns, whose work is devoted to issues of identity. Finland gained independence only a hundred years ago, before being a part of Russia and Sweden, but without losing the feeling of being an independent cultural space along the way. Participants of the exhibition consider the question of “Finnishness” not as a scientific topic of research, but rather in an existential and sensual way, approaching a mystical awareness of history and modernity.

"The geometry of the present"

The V-A-C Foundation will once again let visitors into the territory of HPP-2, where reconstruction is already in full swing, which should end with the opening of a cultural center designed by Renzo Piano. The Geometry of the Present project is dedicated to the architecture of the new space, and curated by electronic musician and artist from Britain Mark Fell. The architecture of HES-2 will be understood through installations and performances, which will be accompanied by a program of lectures and workshops on sound art. It makes no sense to list the participants, each of them is so good and there are so many of them: it is better to evaluate the scale of the project yourself on its concise website.

Where: Hydroelectric power station-2

When: February 20-27

Images: cover, 3 - Triumph Gallery, 1 - Vatican Museums, 2 - Galantny G. / CTI "Factory"

Watch the video: Moscow. Frida Kahlo. February. Still winter. 2019 (January 2020).

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