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Insta-Baikal: Skalniks, seals and the dancing goddess

Summer in the Baikal region is worth forgetting about the beaches of Asia and the sights of Europe for three months. Within a radius of 300 km from Irkutsk (and beyond), there are incredible places to relax, and in a short season you can go everywhere if you already plan summer weekends.

We asked the MTS company in which tourist places this summer you can count on good communication, and we selected the nine most photogenic locations where it is easy to get there, it’s hard not to admire and it’s impossible not to show subscribers on social networks.

To Baikal, urgently!

The Baikal tract is not only a road to Listvyanka, but also a whole list of places to visit. Among them - the ethnographic museum Taltsy, a magnificent restaurant in the Baikal Seasons, the base of the Ministry of Emergencies in Nikol. But everything ends, of course, in Listvyanka. In summer, it is better to be on weekdays, especially since from Irkutsk to the shore of Lake Baikal it is less than an hour's drive.

What to do here? For example, to be photographed with a seal in a nerpinaria - for this there is a special photo studio. Go to the Baikal Museum of the ISO RAS: here you can take a selfie against the background of a seal swimming in a huge aquarium. Climb the Chersky Stone - on a chair lift or on foot. Take a boat trip to the Shaman-stone, finally.

But if you want to go beyond the well-known list of tourist locations of Listvyanka, you need to move inland. For example, go to the astrophysical observatory located here. This is an active scientific object where scientists conduct observations of the sun and even show it through a telescope to everyone in the framework of the tour. It is here that the Large Solar-Vacuum Telescope (BSVT) is located, the largest such device in Europe. It can be seen even from the opposite shore of Lake Baikal, and the view from its tower is considered the best on the southern coast of the lake. And not many people have a photo on the background of a huge telescope mirror.

Distance from Irkutsk: 70 km

insta locations:

• Baikal Museum: photo on the background of a floating seal

• Stone shaman: photo with a legend

• Great Baikal trail: if you get carried away, you can walk to the Big Cats

• Excursion to telescopes: a whole gallery of photos and videos from the existing observatory

• Horseback riding in Nicola

• Forge and pottery workshop with master classes at the Tyuryumin estate

• Kayaking

• Diving to the bottom of Lake Baikal: in Listvyanka there are as many as three diving centers

• Base of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Nikol

• Ethnographic Museum "Taltsy" - a complete immersion in the atmosphere of old Siberian life


From Listvyanka, it’s quite logical to go to the port of Baikal: 15 minutes by ferry - and it’s like you took a time machine, full back in USSR. Once a very large port, which received several large ships daily, now lives a quiet, isolated life. Some of the estates here have long been the summer cottages of Irkutsk. Local summer residents do not like. Tourists, too: there is not a single cafe (a dining room at the station and a couple of seasonal tents with sausages in dough and 3-in-1 coffee do not count). But they like to ride motorcycles with strollers and Soviet-style numbers and hold discos under the radio.

The main thing for which they go to the port of Baikal is, of course, the Circum-Baikal Railway tunnels. Built in the 1900s by the forces of beautiful Italian craftsmen and exiled convicts, in the 1950s the railway line from the Baikal port to Kultuk became a dead end. Now only one tourist train runs along it and numerous hiking enthusiasts roam.

The whole Circum-Baikal Railway is 87 km, 4 stations, 38 tunnels and 16 galleries. You can walk it in a few days, stopping in a tent or at a camp site along the way, or driving a steam train in a day. Excellent connection at the beginning and at the end of the route. From 98 to 136 km there is no signal, and it is not necessary - a great opportunity to enjoy the beauties without being distracted by gadgets. It’s ideal to go to the Circum-Baikal Railway on a ship: tunnels and bridges are definitely worth seeing from the water.

Distance from Irkutsk: 70 km

insta locations:

• Ferry - a very colorful place for a photo shoot

• Magnificent view of Hamar-Daban in clear weather

• Centennial sleepers, on which tourists are very fond of portraying Anna Karenina

• Steam engine at Port Baikal station. The administration of the station assures that he is on the go

• A steam locomotive that pulls a train with tourists: smoke, rumble, booming beep - a great plot for live broadcasting

• "Splinter" - a piece of rock that separated from the rock mass during the explosion during the construction of the Circum-Baikal Railway. Seagulls nest here en masse here

Secrets of Tazheran steppe

Olkhonsky district is a locality that is associated primarily with the Small Sea Bay and Olkhon itself. Actually, on the way to these two tourist mecca, many travelers pass by an absolutely incredible place - Tazheranskaya steppe.

A small area, approximately 35x15 km, is filled with legends, unique plants and geological objects. Here you can meet the hills, and the spruce forest, and the sands, and the steppe, and rocky remains from the "Valley of Spirits". Nearby, by the way, there is even a Kurykan wall - a structure built by Kurykans, the people who inhabited these places until the 7th century and then mysteriously disappeared from the shores of Lake Baikal. Fans of antiquity should visit the local caves, Baidinsky and Dream. In one of them, traces of the parking lot of an ancient man were found. Here is the legendary Mount Yord, next to which the famous national Jordan Games are held every summer.

But the main thing for which it is worth going to Tazherany and Buguldeyka is an abandoned marble quarry. A place of incredible beauty and power with huge geometric blocks of white marble. This is the case when every photo will be amazing.

Distance from Irkutsk: 220 km

insta locations:

• Mount Jordan and the Jordan Games

• Mishkina Gora - hill near the village of Buguldeyka

• Marble quarry

• "Valley of the Spirits" with many bizarre rock formations

• Caves - an ancient man’s parking lot

• Petroglyphs on the Sagan-Zaba cliff

Baikal heart

The Small Sea of ​​Baikal (in Buryat - Narin Dalai) is a place with a completely unique microclimate. It seems that nowhere on Lake Baikal does the weather change so rapidly. It is here that perhaps the largest number of tourist camps and hotels are concentrated, which, together with extensive campgrounds covering the entire coast in summer, make this place one of the most “beach” on Lake Baikal (only Enkhaluk can compete in this rank with the Small Sea) .

It is here that the Sarma Gorge is located - the very one from where the rampant Sarma blows. It is worth taking a walk and taking a photo, including on the background of cave paintings. And the most successful and attentive can find a real pomegranate: these stones are found in the area of ​​the Pomegranate Mountain, at which the trail running along the Sarma Gorge ends.

Even settling in one of the bays of the Small Sea, I want to "change the picture" from time to time. For this, a trip to Olkhon is ideal, where, in addition to well-known attractions, you can see another Kuryk wall, it is located on Cape Horgoy in the southern part of the island. A completely new installation is the sculpture by Dasha Namdakov "The Guardian of Baikal", installed on Cape Khoboy last fall. There is no connection in this place, you should rely only on the phone's memory: here you will want to take not only a photo, but also a video. The monument is decorated with clinking bells and feathers that sway in the wind - the spectacle is truly bewitching.

Distance from Irkutsk: 250 km

insta locations:

• The most advertised shaman on the Baikal coast

• Ferry to Olkhon

• Sarma Gorge

• Pomegranate Mountain

• Kurykan wall at Cape Horgoy

• Sculpture "Guardian of Baikal"

Lingonberries and pink shores

All the entertainments of summer Baikalsk in the generally accepted sense are strawberries (in season) and a view from the cable car leading to the 900-meter mark of the ski slope. In fact, the list of attractions located in the vicinity is much wider. And it's not just about the treatment facilities of the closed BPPM, which are worth it to get on Instagram.

If you drive a little further to Novosnezhnaya and Vydrino, you can get a lot of impressions from the rest, and from the natural beauties, and from observing wildlife. Warm lakes are a popular destination. And right now, there you can see swans, whose mating season is in full swing. If you persevere and climb Mount Monomakh Hat, you will have incredible views of all the lakes, the stormy cold river Snezhnaya and Baikal. You can go to Tankhoy, to the Visiting Information Center, and see how the bird banding takes place.

Distance from Irkutsk: 150-200 km

insta locations:

• cable car

• Treatment facilities of BPPM

• Strawberry Festival

• Swans on the Warm Lakes

• View from the Monomakh Caps

• Waterfalls: Fairy Tale and Roar

• Relic forests in Mamaia

• Pink sand beaches

Seals and the dancing goddess

Ust-Barguzin is not the most popular destination for tourists visiting Lake Baikal, but it is extremely interesting. There are enough cultural, religious and natural attractions.

The first reason why not only tourists but also pilgrims come here is the Barguzinsky datsan. The temple is called the “Palace of the Goddess Yanzhima”, it was built in the 2000s, after the Khambo Lama Damba Ayusheev opened the face of the goddess Yanzhima in the forest, at the foot of the Barguzinsky ridge (as the Buryat Buddhists call the Indian goddess Saraswati, the patroness of the arts, science and family). The datsan appeared near the open shrine, and a road was built to the stone itself, along which all these years pilgrims walk in huge numbers.

Distance from Irkutsk: 630 km

insta locations:

• Barguzinsky datsan

• Stone of the goddess Yanzhima

• Nerpa rookery on the Ushkany Islands

• Dwarf birch trees with black bark

• Walk on the water

Toys and sweets are brought to the stone of the "dancing goddess": it is believed that Yanjima can give a child to childless couples. And even for a person who is far from religion, this place - a forest trail between boulders among trees densely entwined with bright ribbons - makes an indelible impression.

Beach vacation

Let's be honest: the part of the coast of the Bratsk reservoir in the Nukutsky region, which is called the Golden Sands, is not the most photogenic area. But the very fact of having a large sandy beach makes this place one of the most popular for summer "wild" recreation.

It is better to come here on the 20th of June or later, and be ready to relax in close proximity to numerous other tourists.

Distance from Irkutsk: 350 km

insta locations:

• Any point of the beach with you in the center

The main thing is that the connection here is excellent, even if there are no reasons for live broadcasts. Although, perhaps, to send greetings from the sandy shore to those who are watching your social networks from the office is already an occasion. And the view of the beach, water and your smile of a happy, tanned, not preoccupied with work person for this will be quite enough.

Thirty three heroes

It’s worth going to Shamanka for the sake of beautiful views and rock formations. The local routes are very fond of cyclists, but on foot here you can definitely climb higher and see more.

Actually, the rocks begin immediately after the village, it is worth a little walk along the forest trail. Some of them resemble turrets, standing individually or in groups. Others look more like huge boulders, while others look like a stone ridge. Unlike the rocks of the Olkhinsky plateau, precisely counted and named by tourists, the local people are mostly nameless. In addition to the largest - Shamansky cliff, which is called "33 heroes", according to the number of turrets in the cliff massif.

Distance from Irkutsk: 50 km

insta locations:

• View of Irkut from the cliff "33 heroes"

• Beautiful nameless rocks

• Real swamps

The cliff rises where the Shamanka River flows into Irkut. The path leads to the top of the cliff, it is quite steep, but the climb is worth the effort: from the top of the cliff you have a magnificent view of Irkut and the Shamanka River, which from this height looks like a very thin ribbon, and photos against this background will definitely attract attention.

Now it is not known for certain whether the cliff was actually a shamanic shrine. If you really want and try, you can see the cave paintings on it and believe the stories of local residents about the underwater caves located at the base of the cliff.

Walk over the abyss

The favorite place of Irkutsk instagrammers and photographers is the pedestrian cable-stayed bridge across Irkut. You probably saw these photos on social networks: haze, the abyss, the sun's rays, a shaky bridge and, in fact, the heroine (less often the hero) - surrounded by a romantic fleur of supposedly some distant places. In fact, the places are so close that if you haven’t been there yet, it’s worth fixing it the next weekend.

This structure is definitely a reason to come, if suddenly the shamans' rocks do not seduce you on their own. Actually, it is this bridge that connects Shamanka with the "big land" (and also the ferry that runs in the summer). The bridge is called quite extreme. The truth here may be a little uncomfortable, given the height and mobility of the bridge: it swings, even if you calmly stand on it alone. But at the same time, it is unrealistically beautiful and you can take impressive photos in the morning and evening light, including against the backdrop of the Shamansky cliff.

Distance from Irkutsk: 47 km

insta locations:

• Cable-stayed bridge across Irkut

• View of the Shamansky cliff

Over the past three years, MTS has covered “fourth generation” communications with all cities and more than 90% of the settlements of the Irkutsk region, as well as all popular tourist places on Lake Baikal, including Olkhon Island, the Maloye Bays, Listvyanka and many others. In 2019, on the MPC bays, the communication channel of communication transmission was expanded by another 2.5 times, which will improve the quality of use of mobile Internet several times.

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Watch the video: Exploring Olkhon Island! Lake Baikal (January 2020).

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