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The rules of life of Aram Gabrelyanov, favorite TV shows of Russian stars and quotes by Evgeny Primakov

Every weekend Life around collects the most interesting materials of the week on the Russian and foreign Internet for those who do not have time to read on weekdays. In this issue, Longrid about Pikalyov, an interview with Dmitry Khomak and a reaction to the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States.

Pikalyovo and its inhabitants

“Such things” tells how it was in Pikalyov, a city in the Leningrad Region, which thundered in 2009 throughout the country with protests from workers at local factories. A few years after these events, the village went into hibernation, and locals complained that they were about to be "crushed by a lid, so much so that you won’t pick it up." The city lives in its former glory: residents remember with pleasure how Putin flew to them by helicopter, but state that "now everything is." And the general poverty and decline is aggravated by the plans of the top of production to take away housing from workers and transfer it to the rank of commercial.

Kill me

"Mediazona" publishes a sentimental selection of how, in the absence of painkillers, their cancer patients help them get rid of their torment. In the material - "Strangled", "Shot", "Scored with logs," "Strangled with a noose-noose" and other evidence from Russian crime reports.

Before arrest

The educational project Arzamas collected notes from personal diaries of the last century that preceded the arrest of their owners during the Great Terror. Almost all of these diaries were in the FSB archive. Most of the entries (which tell about the most different things - New Year's celebrations, upcoming exams or the rise in price of medicines) are accompanied by photographs of the authors, as well as the notes “arrested”, “shot” or “rehabilitated”.

Interview with Dmitry Homak

The Medusa special correspondent Ilya Azar spoke with the founder of the Lurkmore Internet Encyclopedia Dmitry Khomak, who announced the freezing of the project this week. Khomak said that in two months of frequent blockages by Roskomnadzor, the resource had lost 80% of the audience and that "the project has been at an end for a year and a half." “In general, the media tycoon didn’t work out of me, I’m retraining as a bydlokoder,” he summarizes.

Import Substitution Interview

And Roman Super for Freedom spoke with restaurateur Elena Chekalova (“Let's go!”) And her husband, journalist Leonid Parfyonov, about how modern economic conditions and sanctions affect restaurant business. Chekalova complains that the state’s import substitution didn’t actually happen: "Did you get rid of Bush’s legs? Fine. But just something of our legs didn’t become anymore. They just became more expensive." And Parfyonov notes that "we declared war on the Parmesan" and that "after some years this will look ridiculous."

Evgeny Primakov, favorites

Elephant collected selected quotes from former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov, who died in Moscow in his 86th year of life. The text contains the statements of a politician about the collapse of the USSR, the economic crisis, the third world war, the Donbas and Crimea, as well as Putin, the United States and the great powers.

The rules of life of Aram Gabrelyanov

The president of the News Media publishing house (LifeNews, Izvestia, Super.ru) Aram Gabrelyanov rained down on his Facebook readers "thoughts about life, about business." There are 20 points in the published manifesto, among which, for example, “We have a special ethic in the holding”, “I physically cannot stand people stealing from the budget or from partners” and “I hate motivating my employees”.

The reaction to the legalization of gay marriage in the United States

Celebrating marriage equality with @IanMcKellen and Derek Jacobi !! //t.co/ArIFX3HmAf

- BFF (@YrBFF) June 26, 2015

Tjournal details how the West and Russia reacted to the US historic decision to legalize same-sex marriage. In the material you can read what the participants of the 2016 presidential race said and wrote, how the brands answered and what ordinary citizens think about all this celebrity.

Showbiz stars about favorite TV shows

Kinopoisk infiltrated the Moscow International Film Festival and asked the show business stars about the series they were watching. Evgenia Brik, Renata Litvinova, Elena Zakharova, Elena Podkaminskaya, Ingrid Olerinskaya, Lyanka Gryu, Alexey Vorobyov and many others talked on camera about their dependence on Kitchen, Liquidation, Thaws, Homeland (Russian), " Fugitives, Game of Thrones, Scary Tales, True Detective, Lovers, and Mozart in the Jungle.

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