Sets for a picnic in Moscow restaurants

For the May holidays, citizens go out into the country and have picnics. Buying meat or fish, pickling, and also collecting other products take a lot of time and can turn a vacation into a real job.

Life around asked Moscow restaurants and markets to collect picnic dishes. For lovers of a traditional picnic there is pickled meat and fish that need to be cooked. And for those who do not want to do cooking at all, restaurants have collected baskets of finished products. All of the above in most restaurants can be bought at any time, but some establishments are asked to make reservations.

for a picnic
with meat


ADDRESS: st. Mytnaya, 74

Smokehouse “Sliver” on the Danilovsky market for the May holidays introduced six types of pickled meat for barbecue and grill on the menu. Here you can buy Catalan chicken with honey, sweet mustard and paprika (55 rubles per 100 grams), pork ribs with Dijon mustard, maple syrup and chili pepper (99 rubles), a calf dipstick with cane syrup, sweet onion and cilantro (125 rubles), spicy chicken wings with Sichuan pepper, young garlic and Worcester sauce (48 rubles), chicken thigh with flower honey, soy sauce and field herbs (52 rubles), marbled beef with white sweet onion and salsa balsamic vinegar (210 rubles) .

Chefs "Slivers" recommend buying meat at the rate of 250-300 grams per person. The institution also sells four types of sauces: horseradish, berry juniper, homemade ketchup and Dijon mustard with sage and lemon (50 rubles per jar weighing 40 grams).

Pre-orders for Friday and Saturday are accepted from Sunday to Wednesday by phone +7 (929) 639-13-69. You need to make a 100% prepayment to the card of Sberbank.

"Fedya, game!"

In the gastropub on the Danilovsky market you can buy farm meat and poultry in special marinades for barbecue or roasting on the grill.

The menu includes barbecue made of marbled beef (220 rubles per 100 grams), roasted barbecue (60 rubles) and pork neck in aromatic herbs (120 rubles). You can also buy game sausages with juniper (160 rubles) and kupaty deer (160 rubles), which are advised to grill on the grill.

In addition, the chef offers to order large pickled pieces of meat for roasting on a spit. For example, a deer scapula will cost 1,800 rubles per 1 kilogram. The restaurant promises to instruct how to cook meat on a picnic.

Address: st. Mytnaya, 74

Phone: +7 (499) 714-68-48


In the meat restaurant of Alexander Rappoport, for the picnic, they prepared a classic beef neck kebab (790 rubles), beef in coca-cola marinade (790 rubles), as well as chicken thighs in marinade (650 rubles).

The meat is sold raw, so you will need to cook it yourself.

Address: st. Prechistenka, 4

Phones: +7 (495) 695-06-41, +7 (495) 695-06-43

Burger heroes

In the burger room on Bolshaya Ordynka, it will be possible to buy a barbecue set for four (1,500 rubles) and eight (2,300 rubles) people. The team of the institution offers visitors to cook a classic cheeseburger or burger with pepper sauce and Yalta sweet onions. The set includes four or eight chilled Black Angus beef cutlets, rolls, vegetables and special ingredients for each type of burger. In addition to each burger, a set of sauces of 30 grams each will be put in a set. This is cheese parmesan, ketchup with smoked pepper, honey mustard.

Each set of Burger Heroes has a barbecue, grill, coals and ignition fluid. The set is asked to be ordered at least two hours before the required time by calling the institution.

Address: st. Bolshaya Ordynka, 19/1

Phone: +7 (499) 399-35-96

Tsypa Tsypa

In the grill cafe of the White Rabbit Family restaurant holding on the Danilovsky Market, they offer barbecue made of boneless chicken thighs in tom yum marinade with lemongrass, garlic and chili (500 rubles per kilogram) and a whole chicken in two versions: tom yum or smokey marinade cue, smoked on alder branches (550 rubles). The meat is packaged in a vacuum. After 18:00 you can get a 30% discount on whole chicken. In addition, everyone who buys a whole chicken is promised a 20% discount on fresh vegetables from the shops of Danilovsky Market, located opposite the cafe.

For a company of four people, the project chef Viktor Dmitrievsky recommends taking a kilogram of meat, four sheets of thin pita bread (80 rubles) and one of four sauces - on the Tsypy menu there are honey mustard, lemon mayo, spicy barbecue, red sauce with cilantro and matsoni with herbs (60 rubles per 50 grams).

ADDRESS: st. Mytnaya, 74


In the restaurant you can buy meat steaks (520-920 rubles per 100 grams), filet mignon (680 rubles) and stewed brisket (380 rubles). As a side dish, the chef suggests taking arugula with parmesan (220 rubles), baked vegetables (350 rubles), baked potatoes (350 rubles), as well as sauces of your choice (150 rubles) for a picnic.

Address: Kutuzovsky prospekt, 2/1

Phone: +7 (495) 229-83-37


Restaurant chef Sergey Batukov pickles chicken with sweet paprika, garlic, salt and pepper (450 rubles per 200 grams). She is advised to dip in soy sauce before frying on the grill. Here you can buy veal pickled with onions, cilantro, salt, pepper and coriander (650 rubles). A picnic basket can also be supplemented with cucumbers (300 rubles), tomatoes (300 rubles), bell pepper (300 rubles), young potatoes (60 rubles) and bread that is baked in the institution themselves: white (250 rubles), Borodino (250 rubles) ) and brioche (350 rubles).

Restaurant Address: Tsvetnoy Blvd., 5

Phone: +7 (499) 290-02-15


In the set of the market in Konkovo ​​there is pickled meat for every taste. For example, you can buy veal (240 rubles for 300 grams), pork (150 rubles) and a rack of lamb (180 rubles). For meat, it is proposed to take lemon (30 rubles), tomatoes (60 rubles), seasoning for barbecue, consisting of cilantro, dried tomatoes, black and sweet peppers, basil, Svan salt (50 rubles), young potatoes (60 rubles). There are also cucumbers (80 rubles), tomatoes (100 rubles) and strawberries (200 rubles).

An order must be made by phone +7 (903) 664-91-98

Ecomarket Address: st. Trade Union, 126/3

"Honest cuisine"

The product basket contains galantine of duck with pear and spices (1 800 rubles per 1 kilogram), venison pastes with toast and lingonberry jam (440 rubles per 120 grams), riet with a rabbit (225 rubles), riat from a duck (235 rubles), different types of Far Eastern fish of their own ambassador: wild salted muksun with dressing of two types of mustard (580 rubles) and Far Eastern wild sockeye salmon with soaked lingonberries (570 rubles), assorted raw-cured venison delicacies (520 rubles), as well as cold smoked duck (520 rubles) and baked roll with prunes and nuts and (480 rubles).

The main dishes are pork neck, baked in a Russian wood-burning stove in aromatic herbs (1,200 rubles per kilogram), a lamb cooked on a spit on open charcoal (1,800 rubles), a leg of a dairy calf or a deer (4,000 rubles).

The meat in the institution can be ordered both ready-made and raw, but already pickled and prepared for stewing, baking or frying.

Address: st. Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya 10

Phone: +7 (495) 607-50-90

"Place Time"

In the restaurant "Place Time" the beginning of the picnic season is advised to meet with specially packed wine boxes in which they put snacks and wine.

The set includes a bottle of red wine (Spanish, Argentinean or Californian to choose from), a sandwich from a ciabatta baked in its own bakery with smoked duck, veal or salami, as well as a baguette and grissini, to which canned meat cans are put. The basket also has grapes, orange, oatmeal cookies, butter, honey and jam. Baskets must be pre-ordered two hours before arriving at the restaurant. The cost of the set is 2,000 rubles.

Restaurant Address: Ave. Mira, 118

Phone: +7 (495) 795-19-99

Food embassy

The chef of the Food Embassy restaurant Alexey Belikov has prepared a basket for trips into the countryside, which contains all the essentials.

The chef cooked chicken wings, which are first marinated with paprika, lemon juice, dill, black pepper, salt and garlic, and then grilled. Also in the basket there are fresh apples, grapes, strawberries, fresh ground tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes, herbs and a bottle of white Italian wine. A set costs 2,000 rubles.

The products in the picnic basket are designed for two people. The set is asked to order at least an hour before visiting the restaurant.

Address: Ave. Mira, 26/8

Phone: +7 (495) 256-04-03


In the restobar, the chef assembled a picnic basket, in which cooked rack of lamb, rack of calf, chicken sausages, half a chicken and ribeye. In addition to meat, there are vegetables: bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, and tomato sauce. The price of the basket is 4,900 rubles.

For a picnic, it is also advised to take lemonade (800 rubles).

Address: Slavyanskaya sq., 2/5, building 3


In the restaurant at the patisserie for a picnic, chef Dmitry Zhelyazkov prepared a special basket consisting of dry red wine, baguette, cheese, a snack of vegetables, capers, foie gras and pasta. The price of this set is 7,350 rubles.

Address:st. Bol Dmitrovka, 23/1

for a picnic
with fish

"Gold fish"

Address: st. Mytnaya, 74

On an ice display with fish and seafood, located in the center of the Danilovsky market, fish is not only sold - it can be cleaned, milled, cut into steaks and marinated for cooking on the grill. The marinade is cooked within 15 minutes, that is, you can make an order, go away for a coffee, pick up the fish, packed in a bucket or foil, and go to nature to cook it. The cost of fish will not change.

Marinades are prepared here without additional spices and vinegar, the owners assure, only tomatoes, onions, garlic, lemon and fresh herbs in certain proportions. The most popular kebabs here are from sturgeon (1,950 rubles per kilogram), salmon (1,000 rubles), sea bass and sea bream (699 rubles).


In the fish restaurant #FishBazaar, located to the right of the main entrance to the Danilovsky market, a company of 4-6 people offers a large assortment for grilling on the grill. Here you can buy two seabass stuffed with fresh rosemary branches (900 rubles), two swordfish steaks (1200 rubles), two salmon steaks (900 rubles), six tiger shrimps strung on wooden skewers (700 rubles). Also, if desired, you can buy vegetables and soft drinks.

The fish is packaged in biodegradable lunch boxes that can simply be burned after use.

Address: st. Mytnaya, 74

Phone: +7 (926) 680-88-66


For lovers of fish in the market "Ekomarket" prepared a basket of fish, vegetables and fruits. All products will need to be prepared on their own, as they are sold raw. For a picnic there is a salmon steak (380 rubles per 300 grams), sea bass (400 rubles), carp (260 rubles), lemon marinade (30 rubles), tomatoes (60 rubles), dill (14 rubles), young potatoes (60 rubles) ), fresh cucumbers (80 rubles), radishes (150 rubles) and greens (50 rubles). Of the fruits - black grapes (80 rubles), strawberries (200 rubles), tangerines (70 rubles) and bananas (40 rubles). You can also buy white or red dry wine (500 rubles).

For fish at Ekomarket they offer to buy seasoning for marinade, consisting of dill, thyme, rosemary, paprika, salt and pepper (50 rubles). Narsharab sauce (250 rubles) is also sold, which is made by thickening pomegranate juice.

An order must be made by phone +7 (903) 664-91-98

Ecomarket Address: st. Trade Union, 126/3


The set for a picnic contains a mix of Korean salads: hehe fish, Kamdi-cha salad, kimchi salad (370 rubles), grilled vegetables (330 rubles), a bruschetta with its own salted salmon (370 rubles), California roll with shrimps (490 rubles). You can also add any dish from the cafe’s main menu to the picnic basket from the Receptor.

Addresses: Derbenevskaya nab., 7/22, Business Center "Novospassky";

Bolshoi Kozikhinsky per., 10.

"Place Time"

The chef sommelier put white wine in the basket, and the chef prepared a sandwich with slightly salted salmon, as well as canned fish, fruits, baguette, honey and jam. The price of such a set is 2,100 rubles.

To order a basket, visitors are asked to call the restaurant two hours before the visit.

Address: Ave. Mira, 118

Phone: +7 (495) 795-19-99.

Molon lave

Molon Lave Restaurant offers a Greek-style picnic. In nature, the restaurant team advises taking a basket of freshly baked bread (350 rubles) with an assortment of traditional Greek snacks: zaziki, olive paste, feta paste with hot pepper and cod caviar paste with potatoes (410 rubles). There are also pies with spinach and feta (270 rubles) and mannitopita with mashed potatoes and mushrooms (270 rubles). Khoriatiki salad, without which the Greek table can not do, is recommended to be taken in a “disassembled” form, and already on vacation quickly mix coarsely chopped vegetables with a large piece of feta and dressing from olive oil and oregano (410 rubles).

From drinks offer anise and basil lemonades based on homemade syrups (650 rubles per 1 liter) and cranberry juice (450 rubles).

Address: st. Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 39

Phone: +7 (495) 272-00-47

Prefabricated baskets of many products


Address: Botanical per., 5

Phone: +7 (495) 230-00-74

One basket in the restaurant is designed for two. The basket includes four bruschettas with salted salmon, veal, warm tomatoes and chicken liver pate. The set also has Greek salad and a warm salad with bacon and egg or beet salad with crispy warm goat cheese and pesto sauce. For dessert, offer vanilla or chocolate eclair, a blanmange with raspberry sauce or caramel panna cotta with marmalade and mango sauce, as well as lemon tart with soft meringue. Of the drinks there is a smoothie to choose from - peppermint mango or berry, as well as water.

The cost of the basket is 1,600 rubles.


In the picnic basket from the restaurant you can put both meat and fish to choose from, or both. Veal and pork are brought to the restaurant from their own farm in the Tver region.

For guests, the chef suggests buying veal in a garlic mustard marinade (2,000 rubles per kilogram), pork neck in a sharp garlic marinade (900 rubles), chicken thigh (800 rubles), wings (700 rubles) and breast (900 rubles) in ginger-lemon marinade, pork ribs in mustard-pepper marinade (1,000 rubles), a lamb saddle in kefir marinade (1,500 rubles), salmon steak and barbecue in kefir-coconut marinade with curry (2,500 rubles). You can also buy tobacco chicken in a white wine marinade (500 rubles), dorada in a thyme marinade (1,000 rubles) and sea bass in a rosemary marinade (1,200 rubles).

There are also sauces: Bluchise (260 rubles), adjika (100 rubles), pesto (400 rubles), pepper (140 rubles), barbecue (160 rubles) and salsa (160 rubles).

Orders for Friday are accepted until 21:00 Wednesday. The minimum order quantity is 1 kilogram.

Restaurant Address: st. Bolshaya Polyanka, 27

Phone: +7 (495) 953-96-34.

Dellos delivery

The company Dellos Delivery delivers food from restaurants holding Maison Dellos, cafes "Pushkin", "Turandot", "Bochka", "Orange3", "Fahrenheit" and "Shinok".

For a picnic, the service offers to order a basket "Picnic on the sidelines." The set includes a branded thermal bag, a blanket, marshmallows from apples and berries, eight pasta cakes, a package of coconut meringues, two sandwiches with jamon, goat cheese, fig jam, dried duck and foie gras ganache, one liter of cranberry juice and two glasses. Cost - 3 900 rubles.

There is also a Sweet May children's set: two lollipops, apple and berry marshmallows, orange cookies, a package of coconut meringues, a chocolate croissant, confit croissant, 500 ml of compote. Cost - 1 900 rubles.

In the basket "Hearty May": there are two sandwiches, two pies with cabbage, two pies with apple, vanilla and chocolate croissants, a package of coconut meringues, a liter of cranberry juice and two glasses. The price is 2,500 rubles.

The order can be made by phone +7 (495) 369-64-09

From May 1 to 10, delivery in Moscow will be free

Beer & brut

The restaurant has prepared a picnic basket for four people. The set includes pickled veal skewers, vegetable skewers, Baku tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, jacket potatoes, sauces - onion pesto and kimchi, as well as baguette. Cost - 3,000 rubles.

You can also order drinks from the main menu.

Address: st. Pokrovka, 26

Phone: +7 (965) 250-26-26

"Wine Market"

In the picnic basket in the restaurant they will put everything that is on the menu.For example, you can take cheeses (from 200 to 700 rubles), a tuna sandwich (280 rubles), tortilla with parma (390 rubles), ramen burger with shrimp (350 rubles), wine (from 600 to 15,000 rubles) ) Olives (300 rubles) and tapas with sun-dried tomatoes (95 rubles) are offered here for a snack. Also in the basket will place appliances and plates for two people.

When recruiting from 2,000 rubles, basket rental is free. If the set of products turned out to be cheaper, then you will need to leave a deposit of 1,000 rubles and pay a rental basket of 100 rubles per day. If you buy a picnic set on a weekday before 17:00, the restaurant will provide a 20% discount.

Address: Komsomolsky prospekt, 14/1, p. 2

Phone: +7 (499) 246-64-66.


In the restaurant of Odessa cuisine, you can buy fresh croissants with rapeseed and poached egg (495 rubles), with baked pepper and soft cheese (480 rubles), with salmon (470 rubles), with omelet and bacon (470 rubles) and grilled chicken for a picnic (295 rubles).

In addition, the restaurant sells cakes "nuts" with boiled condensed milk (90 rubles), rolls with poppy seeds and raisins (120 rubles), puff pastry cakes with meat, mushrooms and chicken (85 rubles). It is also advised to take liter cans with compote (550 rubles) with you for a picnic in an institution.

Project Address: st. Arbat, 25/36

Phone: +7 (962) 988-41-39.


The Ekomarket market in Konkovo ​​has prepared a basket that is suitable for a large company with different tastes. It contains veal (240 rubles per 300 grams), pork (150 rubles), rack of lamb (180 rubles), salmon steak (380 rubles), sea bass (400 rubles for 1 piece), carp (260 rubles), young potatoes (60 rubles), fresh cucumbers (80 rubles), tomatoes (100 rubles), radishes (150 rubles), herbs (50 rubles), grapes (80 rubles), strawberries (200 rubles), tangerines (70 rubles), as well as bananas ( 40 rubles) and white or red dry wine (500 rubles).

Meat, fish, and vegetables are sold raw, so you need to cook them yourself.

An order must be made by phone +7 (903) 664-91-98

Ecomarket Address: st. Trade Union, 126/3

Food embassy

Red Italian wine, chicken wings, and smoked salmon, which are first marinated with fennel and dill in a restaurant and then smoked in alder sawdust establishments, are placed in a basket worth 4,000 rubles. Also in the set there are apples, strawberries, grapes, goat cheese barberry, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, olives and greens.

The picnic set is designed for two people. The basket is asked to order at least an hour before the right time.

Address: Ave. Mira, 26/8

Phone: +7 (495) 256-04-03


In the cafe, visitors are invited to take a set of homemade food with them on a picnic. For example, you can buy salmon salad (80 rubles per 100 grams), vinaigrette (80 rubles), salad with roast beef (95 rubles) and chicken skewers (100 rubles). There is also a cooling homemade fruit drinks from sea buckthorn, cranberries and black currants (60 rubles).

Also, visitors are advised to definitely bring along the main dish in the “Bagel” menu - bagel with cherry (65 rubles).

Address: Nikolskaya St., 10

Phone:+7 (495) 970-09-39

Vegetarian picnic sets

Koupes bar

Address: st. Mytnaya, 74

A Cypriot eatery on the territory of the Danilovsky Market offers barbecue from brackish Halloumi cheese with grilled vegetables: tomatoes, blue onions, zucchini, bell peppers - seasoned with olive oil and oregano (650 rubles per kilogram). Supplement the set is advised by the corresponding Greek pita (20 rubles apiece).


In a healthy food cafe, visitors are offered to buy a mix of Korean salads for a picnic - kimchi salad, kamdi-cha salad, carrot-tea (370 rubles), grilled vegetables (330 rubles), Thai breakfast with crispy muesli and fresh fruits: strawberries, blueberries, banana, pear and caramelized nuts, with the addition of honey, served with homemade yogurt (370 rubles). Also in the set there is an eggplant roll roll (350 rubles), a bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes (330 rubles) and a salad with pear, goat cheese and dorblu cheese (520 rubles). You can add any dish to the basket from the cafe’s main menu.

Addresses: Derbenevskaya nab., 7/22, Business Center "Novospassky"

Bolshoi Kozikhinsky per., 10

"Bread Shop"

In the cafe-bakery "Bread Shop" the main place in the menu is pastries, which they offer to pack guests with them on a picnic. There are classic lush croissants and baguettes (120 rubles), puffs with pear and caramel (170 rubles), cloudberries, cranberries, apricot, strawberries, feijoa and dogwood (220 rubles each), snails with raisins and cherries (130 rubles each), as well as a platter of puff pastry with chocolate or banana (160 rubles each). In addition, you can buy fresh bread baked according to a traditional homemade recipe from village eggs and milk.

Address: st. Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 58

Phone: +7 (495) 690-50-40


For those who exclude the use of animal products, the Ekomarket team has prepared a special picnic basket.

For a picnic you can take couscous with vegetables (100 rubles), zucchini spaghetti (90 rubles), chickpea cutlets (65 rubles), Borodino bread with garlic (150 rubles), vegetable pizza (150 rubles), beetroot cake (130 rubles) and almond milk (250 rubles).

Also on the market you can buy a set for grilling vegetables. The assortment includes eggplant (170 rubles per 500 grams), zucchini (170 rubles), red pepper (150 rubles) and tomatoes (135 rubles).

An order must be made by phone +7 (903) 664-91-98

Ecomarket Address:st. Trade Union, 126/3

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