"In our profession, we often have to spit"

Text: Arina Spirkina, Kristina Safonova

We have already told you how many burgers the burger owners and cooks eat (answer: a lot) and what kind of meat and dough ratio the makers and dumpling owners like. It's time to remember those who, on duty, have to drink 15 cups of coffee a day.


Capping - professional tasting, during which the characteristics of the taste and smell of coffee are determined

Funnel V60 (Purover, Hario) - an alternative way of making coffee in a special funnel

Geyser - a geyser coffee machine in which coffee is prepared under steam pressure

Aeropress - an alternative way of making coffee using a special flask and piston

Filter coffee - a drink obtained by simply spilling hot water through coffee without pressurized pressure

Bonavita - the name of the teapot with a narrow nose and temperature control, which is used in the preparation of coffee by an alternative method

Washed (wet) method of processing coffee - coffee berries are peeled and then placed in water tanks until gluten leaves the beans, after which they are sorted

Natural (dry) way of processing coffee - coffee berries are dried in a peel in the sun

Bogdan Prokopchuk

double barby chef on Ostozhenka

There is an ongoing process of training new guys at our Doubleby Academy, so many interns go through me, and everyone needs to try cups. But here the important point is to try, not drink. And try not all cups, but tasty ones, which the barista himself considers as such, in order to calibrate and correct errors. Therefore, in general, about 15-20 cups per day come out.

I work hard and drink coffee at home, to be honest, for the most part laziness. Therefore, if I really wanted to, I brew by capping method. I pour coffee in the eye into a cup and fill it with hot water, insist for four minutes, break the crust and drink it. This is delicious, because at home you can give yourself freedom and do everything a little carelessly, relying on professionalism. If coffee has good potential, then it’s hard to spoil it. When there is time, I run into our Doubleby coffee houses, the Black Co-op or the Man and the Steamer.

15-20 cups of coffee per day

Dmitry Zabotnov

Barista "Black cooperative"

At home, I rarely drink coffee, at most once a week, when I have a day off. I prefer to brew in a French press, because this is the easiest way: I fell asleep coffee, waited and poured into a cup! When I work, I drink espresso - there may be many cups, but one sip is enough for me to appreciate the taste.

I drink cappuccino or flat white, filter. It’s hard to say for sure, but I think it’s equivalent to three to four full cups. If a new grain appears in a coffee shop, and it appears every two to three months, then while you select the recipe, you try more and drink, respectively, too.

I try to try as much coffee as possible from other roasters from Moscow, from other cities and countries. In Moscow, I can come to a coffee shop and try the coffee of local roasters. If I visit other cities, I try to find local coffee shops that themselves roast coffee.

From time to time, friends bring something from abroad, and we often brew it in the "Cooperative". A couple of times a year I go to Starbucks and the Chocolate Girl to expand my taste experience. Bad coffee is also an experience, sometimes you need to go beyond and try this one too. I don’t have any preferences for regions or processing methods, I’m interested in everything.

3-4 cups of coffee per day

Fuad Jabbarov

double-bar chef on Bolshaya Dmitrovka

I have a V60 funnel (purover, hario) at home, but I made it at most five times. There is enough coffee at work. Five days a week I have interns, two to three people a day. And they brew everything: from alternatives and espresso to signature drinks. Everything needs to be tried to instruct trainees on the true path.

A cup comes out daily 20. I do not go to other coffee shops in Moscow very often. I go to Good Enough, "Man and Steamboat" on the Danilovsky market, Camera Obscura in Stoleshnikov. There are so many of our coffee houses in Moscow that you don’t have to choose too much. I like to go to coffee houses in other cities and countries.

I love acid coffee (Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia). And of the processing methods, I really like natural (dry). It doesn’t happen so often with us, so if it flickers somewhere on the network that natural coffee has appeared in some coffee shop, then I immediately leave.

20 cups of coffee per day

Anastasia Godunova

hostess of Good Enough, Nude Coffee & Wine Bar chef

Since I spend most of my time in a coffee shop, there is practically no need to make coffee at home, although I have a small funnel, filters and a teapot. But there is no coffee grinder, no scales. From the moment I opened Good Enough, I didn’t even think that I needed it.

I sometimes drink coffee with my parents in the country. We brew a French press and a geyser. On average, I drink a couple of small cappuccinos and one funnel. This is exactly the amount I want to drink.

It is clear that when you are on the shift, you try constantly. There used to be more cups. Sometimes I go to Man and Steamboat, Doubleby and WEST4. Basically, these are the coffee houses that are near the house or along the way while I walk with the dog.

3 cups of coffee per day

Igor Kalugin

co-owner of Roaster coffee shop

If I myself stand behind a coffee machine and give drinks, then I drink 8-16 cups. But I do not always finish them to the end. I constantly try espresso and cappuccino. There are many micro-adjustments, because the humidity changes, and after it the taste.

I am very good at alternative methods. There is a funnel at home, but I rarely brew it, as I spend most of the days off at the coffee shop, we are “newbies”. When I arrive on my weekend, I choose flat white. At present, Ethiopia's favorite grain of washed finely ground processing. Of those coffee houses that are very impressive and where I go, WEST4 and Progress.

8-16 cups of coffee per day

Nikolay Chistyakov

Camera Obscura roaster and co-owner of Man and Steamer coffee shop

It's funny, but only one cup of 200 milliliters is enough for me all day. I try not to drink coffee after five in the evening, because I can’t sleep for a long time.

In our profession, we spit a lot so as not to gain caffeine, otherwise it can be bad later. If I pump coffee before work at home in the morning, then I will be "good." So I drink in the morning only if I know that coffee doesn’t shine for me at work today.

I cook in a thermos in combination with a funnel. So the champion of England made coffee last year at the last world championship (Jeremy Chalender, here's the video). I immediately bought everything for this and now I cook at home the only way. I have a good LIDO3 manual coffee grinder, an Espro Travel Press thermos, a Hario plastic funnel and bleached paper filters for them.

I make some cool coffee from work. I take coffee home to watch how our coffee profiles for sale work at home. I take notes, then correct them at work.

As for where I want to try, I can say that our large supplier has a laboratory, I spend a lot of time there, but this is a professional tasting, not entertainment.

I always drink espresso at work in the Man and the Steamboat, we communicate, adjust the settings. And when roasting in Camera Obscura, we brew coffee in an automatic filter machine and try everything in this way. Again, I drink very little coffee, and after work there is no time and place in the body for other coffee houses. But I often go to Doubleby, there is always something new and fresh.

I prefer to say the barista: "Cook at your discretion." And he is already preparing something for me to his taste and that which he is sure of. And so I am open to any coffee, regardless of processing. The main thing is that it is clean and there are no processing defects. We feel it very well. Like a fake note. She cuts the ear.

1 cup of coffee per day

Sergey Zabanov

LES coffee bar chef

Sometimes I’m even scared to think about my daily coffee consumption. If this is a working day, then you won’t run away from full four or six cups of espresso and a cup brewed in an alternative way.

I prefer mainly “acidic” varieties (Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia) both in espresso and filter options. When I really want to drink coffee, I rather choose specific people than a place. If this is another city or country, then it is my duty to go around all the iconic coffee shops and at least try something there.

4-6 cups of coffee per day

Maria Raylyan

co-owner of WEST 4

I make coffee at home very simply: pour freshly ground with hot water, leave it for a few minutes, the coffee is ready. I am a young mother, there is no time left for beautiful brewing, but with good grain, in any case, it turns out delicious.

Prefer grains from our coffee shop. Sometimes I bring something from trips, often friends and acquaintances give coffee beans as a travel souvenir, but I leave them in WEST 4 so that the guys can try how they are roasted and what they brew in good coffee houses in other countries.

On average, I drink two cups a day, one in the morning at home and one in my coffee shop. I can not resist the cappuccino! If I drink coffee not in WEST 4, then most likely it will also be a cappuccino. If I want to appreciate the grain, I'll try the espresso. The coffee shops I go to are Good Enough, Point Coffee and Food, Doubleby at Milyutinsky, Point 242, Man and Steamboat.

2 cups of coffee per day

Andrey Popov

Barista POINT Coffee & Food

I drink three to four cups a day on average. On working days, it reaches eight. And, as a rule, this is coffee made in many ways.

In fact, making good coffee at home is not such a difficult process as everyone thinks. Most of all I like coffee in an aeropress, ideal for home. Compact and easy to use, requiring no additional equipment, unlike the same prover. And the taste is bright, rich, dense.

As for coffee in a coffee shop, it all depends on the mood: it is either a cappuccino or a pourover (hario / funnel / v60 /). Most often, of course, I drink coffee at work, since we work with different roasters and there is the opportunity to try different lots. I also go to other places - I like experiments. For example, in Doubleby, Man and Steamboat, KOF. I order black coffee: it is always interesting what a barista will choose.

3-8 cups of coffee per day

Ksenia Mandrik

Drinkit CEO, Co-Founder

I love coffee, and making a funnel in the morning is already a tradition. The day is not easy if this process for some reason passed by. I make a funnel at home in three cups at once, because I like to drink in large portions. Sometimes I make airpress, if I want a cup denser.
On average, I drink three to five cups. Caffeine has not acted on me for a long time as something tonic. I drink more for the sake of taste. I like coffee much more than tea.
If you want to drink coffee not at home and not in your coffee shop, then I go to Chip, very rarely to Doubleby in Milyutinsky or Dmitrovka. Not far from home there is the "School of Barista Nastya Nikitina", I can run to her students for a lesson, they try. And so you have to suffer: there are few places where coffee is prepared deliciously.
I always try espresso, but it’s more of a sporting interest. I take filter coffee, a funnel, bonavita. The most favorite grain is Sumatra. There are no strong prejudices regarding the degree of roasting, but mostly I prefer medium or light.

3-5 cups per day

How to brew alternative coffee at home

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