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Dishes from local products in the restaurant "Polyana" in the new line of "Greenwich"

Under the heading "Place" Life around talks about the new and beloved bars and restaurants of Yekaterinburg, Petersburg and Moscow. In the latest issue - restaurant-bar-bakery "Polyana" in the new line of the shopping center "Greenwich". The institution appeared opposite the cafe "Mio", next to the teahouse "Kish Mish." The project is being carried out by the Tyumen restaurateur Gennady Levin and the chef from St. Petersburg Eugene Sanzhar.

Mushrooms from Tugulym and duck "Tereshata"

"Polyana" is a trendy restaurant. The idea for the project came up with Eugene in Barcelona, ​​when he found saffron mushrooms from Bryansk with foie gras in the menu of the old restaurant Ca l'isidre. Dishes according to Russian, Italian and Spanish recipes are prepared from local and local products. The menu includes Murmansk cod and crab, northern shrimp, Olyutory herring, squid squid, forest mushrooms from Tugulym, goose and duck of the local Tereshata farm and cheeses cooked by Italians or from the Yekaterinburg cheese factory. The plans of the "Glade" to cook homemade cheeses. Very soon, wild river salmon from the Varzagi River will appear on the menu. The chef will make it sliced ​​with "snow" from sour cream with baked garlic and spices.

All dishes - from bread to sauce - are prepared by themselves. Fish, shrimp and crab biscuits and ju, which are part of the dishes, are cooked for several days. Meat, fish and seafood with vegetables are fried on the Hosper grill on birch coals. Pizza dough on Italian flour is kneaded for more than a day, and in the Italian oven, cooks bake thin pizza pizza and lush, but not at all heavy pizzas.

Star chef

The kitchen of the new project was led by one of the owners of the project, Evgeny Sanzhar. The chef worked at the Ginza Project restaurants in St. Petersburg, headed institutions in China, studied at the Culinary Institute of Turin, and trained at Italian restaurants. He admits that there have been many proposals to pursue a global career, including work in Miami, but he is more interested in opening a project in the region. “Everyone is trying to leave somewhere, but we want to start from here,” Eugene shares his thoughts. A European approach is felt in work in the kitchen and in the hall: as in restaurants in Italy or Spain, the chef often approaches guests and is open for dialogue.

Podium with green grass

Andrei Vlasov, a designer from Tyumen, worked on the interior of the project, and the furnishings turned out to be modern: velor sofas and armchairs, wooden tables (round, square and resembling a cut of a tree), specially placed light.

In the hall for 140 guests, you can take a table around the perimeter or sit on a podium with green grass - in the restaurant it is called a clearing, although for some the grass will resemble a football field. From the tables you can watch how cooks cook in the large open kitchen, tiled.

Spices, olive oil and balsamic vinegar are laid out on each table on wood slices. Waiting for the order, each guest is taken out water with a slice of cucumber, and the bill is brought in a wooden hemp barrel.

All dishes are served on the plates of European artisans Rustico, the dessert "Potato in the garden" lies in the Georgian ketsi (in one "potato" - chocolate filling, and in the other - cherry, on the bottom of the form - "chocolate ground"), and pizza pie on a wooden blackboard.

Pizza with Ricotta and Salmon Bruschetta with tomatoes and strachatella Murmansk Crab Ravioli Seabass fillet overseas Quail salad with mustard dressing Potato in the garden






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